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Become a confident professional across all areas of treasury management. By taking the Diploma in Treasury Management (AMCT), you will become the go-to person for in-depth technical treasury expertise, and respected for your ability to problem solve and enable the business to meet its objectives.

The  Diploma in Treasury Management (Diploma) assumes you already have a thorough working knowledge of the key principles and concepts relating to treasury and is, therefore, the ideal qualification for anyone working in treasury or who interacts with treasury professionals, or has plans to do so.

Perfect if you:

  • work in treasury or corporate finance at a senior operational or managerial level
  • are in a role that works closely with treasury or corporate finance
  • have completed the Certificate in Treasury (CertT)
  • are seeking to further your career.


On successful completion of the qualification, we’ll issue and send you a link to your digital credentials: a badge and an eCertificate. Digital credentials are a great way to showcase your achievement, and can be easily and safely displayed on your CV or website or shared online via LinkedIn, email signatures, social media, blogs and ePortfolios.

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Four online units

12-18 months study time 

(600 study hours)


Units 1 and 2: One online exam per unit

Unit 3: one mini-dissertation

Units 4A and 4B: One online exam per unit

Units 1 and 2: 3-hour exam per unit 

Unit 3: 6,000 words

Units 4A and 4B: 3-hour exam per unit 


You are a Student member of the ACT while you study and once qualified, you are eligible to become an Associate member.


The Diploma in Treasury Management is made up of four units. The first three are mandatory and for the last you can choose between two units (Units 4A and 4B) to take as your final unit based on your area of preference. The options have been designed to allow you to specialise according to your personal interest and cover either financial reporting and tax regulation or working capital and trade finance. 

At the end of this qualification, you will be able to:

  1.  evaluate the importance of appropriate governance structures and stakeholder management for treasury and the wider business, recommending optimal capital structures and examining the use of equity markets as a source of capital and the importance of managing shareholders
  2.  evaluate the range of debt funding sources that treasury could utilise, appropriate valuation and project appraisal models and the ongoing management of projects, acquisitions and disposals
  3.  establish a robust and integrated risk management framework, evaluating tools used to identify and assess risks for which treasury has responsibility
  4.  analyse techniques for the evaluation of treasury and interrelated risks, evaluating the use of appropriate techniques in managing treasury risks and applying them, including business continuity planning techniques and appropriate risk reporting techniques to enhance the risk management process
  5.  evaluate the role of treasury in supporting the achievement of corporate objectives, examining the importance of objective setting, problem solving and project management skills 
  6.  assess a range of tools and techniques to analyse and improve treasury performance in support of organisational objectives
  7.  examine the importance of leadership and management in building stakeholder relationships and optimising performance
  8.  evaluate a range of tools to communicate and negotiate effectively, and develop commercial acumen as well as identify opportunities for the application of innovation within treasury
  9.  evaluate the impact of the organisation’s structure on accounting for treasury operations and transactions, analysing how treasury transactions should be reported and structured, and the impact of tax regulation 
  10.  examine the requirements and implications of the regulatory environment on treasury transactions, strategy and reporting
  11.  evaluate a range of practices, procedures and risks inherent in domestic and international trade, assessing policies and techniques to optimise accounts receivable, accounts payable, supply chain and inventory control
  12.  evaluate different cash management structures and techniques to manage cash efficiently within the business
  13.  evaluate different techniques to manage risk in domestic and international trade  
  14.  examine contemporary developments, counterparty risk and the evolving role of treasury in managing working capital and international trade.

For a full description of the course content, download the syllabus.

Would you like a free sample of the study materials for the Diploma in Treasury Management so that you can try before you buy? You can request a sample to be emailed to you by filling in your details in the form below.


Entry requirements apply. 

There are a number of ways for you to get recognition for what you have already learnt and achieved through your previous studies or work experience which may result in exemptions ranging from one study unit to the whole qualification.

I have completed the Certificate in Treasury

You get automatic entry to the Diploma in Treasury Management if you have successfully completed the Certificate in Treasury


I have completed the Certificate in International Treasury Management

You get automatic entry to the Diploma in Treasury Management if you have successfully completed the Certificate in International Treasury Management. 


I have qualified with an ACT Accredited University

If you are studying or have studied with one of our accredited universities, you may be exempt from the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals, Certificate in Treasury, and certain units in the Diploma in Treasury Management. Select your university below for more detailed information on how to apply based on your qualification.

Macquarie University

  • Masters of Applied Finance 


Qualified accountant

If you are an accountant qualified with either CIMA, ICAEW or ICAS you can claim exemption from Units 1, 3 and 4B. 

You are only required to purchase Unit 1 and Unit 3 exemptions.

  • You get automatic entry to the Diploma in Treasury Management if you have successfully completed the Certificate in Treasury
  • You only need to complete the learning and assessments for Units 2 and 4A in order to qualify for the Diploma in Treasury Management.
  • You will need to provide a copy of your accounting qualification certificate when booking.


If you are an accountant qualified with ACCA, you can claim exemption from Units 1, 2 and 3. 

You are only required to purchase Unit 1 and Unit 3 exemptions.

  • You get automatic entry to the Diploma in Treasury Management if you have successfully completed the Certificate in Treasury
  • You only need to complete the learning and assessments for 4A and 4B in order to qualify for the Diploma in Treasury Management.
  • You will need to provide a copy of your qualification certificate when booking.


Prior work experience via direct entry route

If you have seven years’ experience working in a treasury role or working with treasury in either a financial institution or a treasury consultancy, then you may be eligible for direct entry. 

Find out more about the direct entry process and how to apply here.


CFA qualified

If you are a CFA Charter holder, then you are eligible for automatic entry to the Diploma in Treasury Management.

You will need to provide a copy of your qualification certificate when booking.


None of the above applies to me

You will first need to successfully complete the Certificate in Treasury in order to become eligible to move onto the Diploma in Treasury Management.



We upgraded our study site and you will have an interactive and engaging experience. 

This qualification is delivered online through the ACT Learning study site, so you can start your studies at any time.

There are three assessment windows every year. This means that you can study until you feel ready and then you can book your assessment in the next available window.

We estimate you should be able to complete the course in 12 to 18 months alongside your full-time work.

Learning materials and support

You will receive a variety of learning materials and support, which includes:

  • study guides which take you through the learning step-by-step. These can also be downloaded, if you prefer to learn offline
  • short activities to complete at the end of each unit section 
  • practice progress tests after each unit
  • webinars which explain certain concepts in more detail
  • podcasts to supplement your learning
  • practice exams
  • student discussion forum - post questions to the tutor and network with like-minded students
  • live topical sessions where you can explore the subject matter and interact with your tutor and peers in a live Q&A
  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions (additional cost).

If you would like some additional support to help you get assessment ready, you can book a 1-2-1 coaching session in addition to your online learning package.

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It’s up to you to decide when you are ready to opt in and take your assessment. You can take your assessments from anywhere in the world, wherever you have a reliable internet connection.

Assessment for the Diploma in Treasury Management is either by dissertation or exam, depending on the unit. There is one assessment for each of the units of the qualification. There are three exam windows each year to choose from.

Units 1 and 2 180-minute exam per unit, plus 25 minutes reading time 1 pre-seen case study-based question and 3 scenario-based questions per exam (choose 2)



Unit 3
Four weeks
Mini-dissertation of 6,000 words
Units 4A or 4B
180-minute exam per unit, plus 15 minutes reading time
1 pre-seen case study-based question and 2 scenario-based questions per exam 50%


You can view all the dates and detailed assessment information here:

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Book your assessment from the link below. 

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When booking onto the Diploma in Treasury Management you will need to become a student member of the ACT.  

Student membership gives you access to lots of great things:

  • subscription to The Treasurer magazine
  • careers resources
  • events, regional groups and webinars
  • policy and technical updates
  • mentoring service.

Remember to take advantage of these membership benefits - they really help make your introduction into treasury a fuller experience and will ensure you grow your professional network. When you have successfully completed the certificate, you will be eligible to become an Associate member and use the designatory letters AMCT (Associate Member of Corporate Treasury). These are the internationally recognised letters that go after your name that recruiters and employers look out for. You can find out more about ACT membership here.


Diploma in Treasury Management learning materials, membership and assessment fees

When you start studying, you buy your online learning materials and student membership at the same time. Your assessment can be booked at a later date, when you feel prepared and ready to the sit the exam.

Online learning materials - per single unit

GBP 745 

Online learning materials - 4 unit bundle

GBP 2,700 

Online assessment - per single unit

GBP 350

Student membership

GBP 224

Fees are subject to local VAT rate where applicable.

Diploma in Treasury Management exemption fees

The following fee applies if you are eligible for an exemption, per unit, from the Diploma in Treasury Management:

Exemption per unit GBP 350

Fees are subject to local VAT rate where applicable.


Ready to buy?

When you buy your learning and membership, you need to log in to your ACT Learning account. You will be prompted to create one if you do not have one.

Have your credit/debit card details to hand; you will be required to make an online payment through Stripe. We accept AMEX, Mastercard and Visa card payments.  Upon submission, you will receive an automated summary email.

A student membership fee is payable on booking. Your student membership is valid for the duration of your 24-month learning licence, or until you pass your full qualification, whichever is soonest.

Your booking will be processed within three working days. 

You will be sent a booking confirmation with information on how to start your studies and at this time you will become a Student member of the ACT.

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“The Diploma in Treasury Management is a very wellrounded qualification, and I would highly recommend it for both treasury professionals and bankers or advisers looking to further their careers. The course encourages you to apply essential technical knowledge and management theory to real-world strategic problems, and it has certainly helped me with some of the challenges the business and treasury team have faced.”

Alex Rutherford, AMCT, Assistant Treasurer, SGN - AMCT Prize winner 2021

We can also deliver treasury management learning to companies with teams that are interested in taking either the full qualification or selected units, and tailor it to your business needs. Find out more about in-company solutions here