So many professionals perform teasury functions without even realising they are doing so. ACT qualifications are designed to help you with real-world challenges. Miriam Tsitsi Ruzengwe discusses how by adding to her professional skills, she has been able to assist those that matter to her most! 

What does your current role entail?

I'm currently a teacher for the Kyle Trust in Masvingo, Zimbabwe.

Why did you choose to take an ACT qualification? 

I wanted to attain more knowledge in treasury and to strengthen my Curriculum Vitae by having a sound professional qualification in a field I'm passionate about. This is my first professional qualification after attaining my Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree. The degree gave me quantitative skills that helped me understand and quantify data. I decided to further my studies branching into treasury. I have always had a keen interest in financial markets and the economy in general.  

How has getting ACT qualified supported you? 

Apart from teaching, I help my parents and siblings in the financial management aspects of their small-scale business. They call me "The family Accountant'. My recently-retired father has tasked me with assisting him manage his pension fund. This qualification enables me to perform these tasks effectively and with confidence. 

In the current economy I can now assess the trends in markets and make informed investment decisions. Though every investment involves some degree of risk before purchasing securities, I can carefully evaluate 'my comfort zone' in taking on risk. I'm now able to create a market forecast that provides anticipated figures and calculations based upon market research. I have now attained a sound understanding of ways to hedge interest rate and foreign exchange risk.

My Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals qualification is like a gold star on my CV. I'm advancing my career and I can differentiate myself from others in my profession!

How was your experience studying through ACT Learning?

My experience studying through ACT Learning was awesome. They communicated very well with me and always kept me abreast of any developments. I'm grateful. 

What's next for Miriam?

I'm going to embrace opportunities that come my way. This qualification has boosted my confidence in the treasury world. I can now confidently interpret information on the Stock Exchange and Money market. I am also looking forward to the next level ... Certificate in Treasury


My recently-retired father has tasked me with assisting him manage his pension fund. The Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals enables me to perform these tasks effectively and with confidence.
Miriam Tsitsi Ruzengwe, Teacher, Kyle Trust