A passion for economics and finance 

After completing his CertTF in 2021, Enrico Toto, Senior Treasury Analyst at Ralph Lauren, decided to progress further with the ACT qualifications, and successfully completed his CertT in 2022. 

Here he answers a few questions about his story and experience studying with the ACT, explaining how his passion for economics and finance helped him progress in his career.

Published December 2022


What does your current role entail?

My current role as Senior Treasury Analyst covers a broad range of tasks. I am responsible for the preparation and consolidation of the cash flow forecast for the EU region, daily cash management and treasury operations. I contribute to the execution of the monthly foreign exchange trades and I am responsible for ensuring trades settlement confirmation, compliance, and regulatory reporting. The role also includes internal and external reporting and I am highly involved in treasury processes automation. 

Why did you choose a career in treasury/finance?

I have always been passionate about economics and finance and pursuing a career in the financial field has been the natural result of both my studies and personal interests. 

Which qualification have you completed and what was your main objective for studying this ACT qualification

I have completed the Certificate in Treasury after achieving last year the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals. The main objective was to deep dive and get a better understanding of some treasury areas where I have reduced exposure on. 

How did successfully completing this qualification help you in your current position?

Completing this qualification helped me to build a solid theoretical knowledge of the areas I deal with during my daily work and therefore be aware and confident on how to best approach all tasks and challenges in a way that is secure, accurate and compliant. 

Are there particular areas of treasury/finance that this qualification helped you understand even better?

There are two main areas that the qualification helped me to better understand. First, the course explained the importance of corporate finance and how it is connected with corporate objectives and it also enforced the strategic role played by the treasurer. Second, the qualification gives a detailed explanation of the nature of risks to which the organization is exposed and provided a wide range of approaches that an organization can take to deal with them.

What are the benefits of having professional qualifications to add to your CV/résumé?

Adding an ACT qualification to the CV helps to gain visibility among treasury professionals and opens the door to many opportunities, since the treasurer’s role requires a more and more highly skilled professional that can demonstrate to possess a combination of both hard and soft skills.


How will this ACT qualification enhance your career? Will you be able to move up the career-ladder?

This ACT qualification will help my career progression in the future as I strongly believe that it provides a comprehensive understanding of all areas managed by treasury. 

What would you recommend/highlight from your experience to people considering whether to take the ACT qualification?

I would recommend studying the Certificate in Treasury to anyone with a few years of experience in treasury, as it provides a comprehensive grounding in the key areas of treasury. The study material is exhaustive, and students can access online resources and support anytime.   

How has your ACT membership benefitted you and what value has it added to your career?

The ACT membership is very useful as it provides a wide range of extra resources, such as newsletters, online webinars, and in-person events. 

What are your future career goals and what further learning have you considered?

My future goal is to keep learning and enjoying my role with the medium-term goal of becoming a treasury manager and have the possibility to further put into practice all the expertise and know-how acquired. As further learning, I will most probably continue my ACT journey by pursuing the Diploma in Treasury Management.


Read Enrico's previous interview from 2021.


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