Derek Ng AwardICM, an undergraduate in Singapore, has completed the Award in International Cash Management (AwardICM). Understanding treasury foundations and going the extra mile are central to his plan to forge a career in banking and treasury

23 February 2021

  "I am a student at the National University of Singapore studying Economics. I am also part-way through a seven-month internship with BNP Paribas’ transaction banking regional product management team. My team handles all trade and supply chain digital initiatives and collaborates with government-led projects and industry consortiums in the Asia Pacific region. We develop new products and commercialise them and we also roll-out product enhancements depending on industry trends and client wants. I have had two previous bank internships, both in the treasury space." 



"Treasury services is an area that interests me because it is rapidly changing. I see huge potential in the way that banks and financial institutions can add value to the whole ecosystem if we leverage emerging technology. We talk about the fourth industrial revolution with advances like machine learning, blockchain and application programming interfaces; these technologies have the potential to change the way the finance industry works. In my internships, I have been able to explore these technologies with our clients, and I love the fact that what I do is not just pure finance."



"During an earlier internship, some of my senior colleagues were studying towards ACT qualifications. They had good things to say about them and how widely recognised they are, so I invested in myself and began studying towards the ACT qualifications.   So far, I have completed the AwardICM. My main objective was to learn more about the fundamentals of cash management and to also strengthen my profile in this very tough period. I intend to take the Certificate in International Cash Management (CertICM) later this year.    Studying towards the AwardICM has given me an understanding of different trade products and instruments. The syllabus has helped me to understand how firms can improve their working capital management and manage their payables and receivables. It also helped me understand the challenges that corporate treasurers face. Taking on professional qualifications as an undergraduate is slightly unusual, but it shows employers that I not only have a keen interest in the subject, but also that I am willing to go the extra mile to acquire knowledge."



"It is hard to say what the future will bring, but I see myself in a sales or product management role in the cash management space when I graduate. I also have a long-term dream of working internationally."


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