To promote growth within the treasury profession, the ACT Educational Trust charity offers a bursary scheme to provide financial assistance for students from developing countries who are unable to fund or gain sponsorship for their ACT studies.

Thato Tshipinare, Consultant at Just4U Bookkeepers, was able to complete the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals (CertTF) through the Bursary Sheme route. Here she talks to the ACT about her experience of studying remotely in Botswana and what the benefits are of her treasury qualification.

How did you end up in a career in treasury?

After studying for my degree in Accounting and Finance, I decided I wanted to go into treasury. Still in its infancy here in Botswana, I saw this as an opportunity. Dealing with foreign markets and corporate clients would give me an edge over my peers who also had university degrees, but I also felt I needed a professional qualification, so I applied for the ACT bursary scheme to study CertTF.

Which specific areas of your job role will this qualification support?

CertTF has helped me understand liquidity and tax issues better and the risks inherent in the company I am working for. Because I work in the ICT services sector, I feel I can have a positive influence on the ICT environment in my country as whole. I have ambitions to continue working my way up in the financial services sector and continuing my studies with the Certificate in Treasury will support my career path.

Botswana is a growing country and economy, so CertTF has helped me to be aware of liquidity and tax issues as well as risks inherent in companies with whom I am consulting. Because I am consulting different sectors like construction, law firm, restaurants, medical lab, I can use the skills am learning from CertTF to support many of these. Because of the skills I am employing, other companies will hopefully start to take notice of my expertise across a range of sectors.

What are the benefits of having professional qualifications to add to your CV/résumé?

Having a professional qualification really helps because competition is really tight and for somebody to make it in the finance world. They need to distinguish themselves from others. Another advantage is that companies will now take you seriously especially in my case, where the qualification is from United Kingdom.

Currently I am working towards Certificate in Treasury (CertT) and an ACCA qualification. Attaining both ACCA and CertT will really boost my career prospects.

How was your experience studying through the ACT’s online learning platform?

Learning through the ACT online learning management system was fantastic as it gave me access to the help I needed and allowed me to interact with my fellow students. Distance proved to not be a barrier due to being able to study and interact with my tutor and peers online. I studied at my own times, had time to talk to teachers whenever I had queries and I took the exam in the comfort of my own home.

As I am working in accounting, my ACT certifications will help me to better understand the transactions utilized by the treasury team and the overall purpose of them.


What are the benefits of having professional qualifications to add to your CV/résumé and what do you expect to get from this one?

I’m so pleased I was given the opportunity to progress my career in the way I wanted and I am so thankful to the ACT for their support!

Distance proved to not be a barrier due to being able to study and interact with my tutor and peers online.
Thato Tshipinare, Accounts Assistant at Consultant, Just4U Bookkeepers