Joseph Cottee studied for the Certificate in International Cash Management (CertICM) while an International Cash Manager at RBS and completed the qualification in 2016. He has since moved on to HSBC and is now a Senior Cash Management Consultant. We're not suggsting Joseph's upward move is solely down to achieving the globally recognised CertICM, but it must have played a part...! Here, Joseph talks us through the joys of being back in the classroom. 


What made you decise to take the Certificate in International Cash Management?

I took CertICM as the major qualification available to support a cash management consultant’s credentials. It’s a globally recognised qualification and considered as the bank industry standard. I think going forward it is something I need to have on my CV to be considered for jobs with major financial organisations.

How will the qualification support your career, now and later on?

I think it has already helped my career pathway as I’m about to move from one bank to another – having CertICM on my CV is likely to have helped that success.


What were the main strengths of the course?

In terms of the learning experience, the main strength in my opinion was the 5 day residential element of it. Without that I think it would have been very tricky to pass the exam. The tutors there (especially Michelle) really brought certain subjects to life in an interesting way. I also think getting to meet such a wide variety of people on the course was an eye opener – both in banking and other corporates. There’s not much fun to be had in distance learning with a huge folder – it’s the residential course that really made the difference. It was good to bounce different ideas and experiences off each other on the course – and to help build up a network of professional contacts.

CertICM is the globally recognised qualification and considered as the bank industry standard.
Joseph Cottee, Senior Cash Management Consultant, HSBC