Barbara's Story


Barbara Maz De Macedo, Senior Treasury Manager at Agility Global Integrated Logistics, spoke to us about the truly international reach of ACT qualifications and how the AMCT has supported her career progression in Europe. 

What was your decision behind taking the AMCT Diploma?

The AMCT Diploma was fantastic for me. I finished my studies in Brazil back in 2006 and, after moving to Switzerland and having decided that I wanted to make my career in Europe, I was looking for a well know European certification that would keep me up to date with the market practices. When my previous boss offered sponsorship to take the AMCT on, I didn't hesitate and embarked on this difficult, but very rewarding journey. I saw the benefits immediately after the first exam I took. It was a good refresher of topics I had studied at University, but by the end of the course, the complexity of the material meant I was able to gain a promotion to Senior Treasury Manager.

The course, helpfully, covers the basics through to the intricate, but the content is so practical at both ends of the spectrum that I was able to apply what I learned in my daily work, particularly with regards to cash management and risk management.

What impact do you feel the course might have on your future career pathway?

Having my finance and treasury experience plus AMCT credentials after my name will strength my CV, giving me a better chance of gaining even more senior position in the future. 


What were the strengths of the course?

The strength of the course is that what you learn you can really apply to your work. The AMCT is a course in which  you learn the theory that can effectively be applied in one's daily tasks.  


What did you most enjoy about the course?

The  course material is excellent. As a self-learning course, the level of commitment is much higher than the traditional method, which really puts you under pressure to ensure that all the material is properly understood. I was never very confident that a self-learning course would be as efficient as this, but there is always support through the student forum and the tutors. Also, on the tuition course, you can exchange experiences with other treasury professionals and get to know what is happening in other companies and exchange ideas.


The strength of the AMCT Dipoma is that what you learn you can really apply to your work.
Barbara Braz De Macedo, Senior Treasury Manager, Agility Global Integrated Logistics