Sindikani's story


Now Studying for the Diploma in Treasury Management, Sindikani Sovi details his learning pathway from tactical level to managerial.

What does your current role entail?

I carry out efficient investment management activities to optimize returns on Government Investments, such as analysis of Capital Markets and financial statements of State Owned Enterprises. In addition, my role as an Economist (Investment Analyst) also requires the implementation of an efficient governance and effective performance monitoring and supervision framework of government investments to ensure sound corporate governance which is echoed through research on policies of government investments, corporate governance in State Owned Enterprises and investors to generate information necessary for designing appropriate strategies for performance contracts. This among other things helps in ensuring that State Owned Enterprises generate the much-needed revenue for government to forester development especially in emerging markets like my country Zambia thereby producing the societal required outcome.

How did you end up in a career in treasury/finance?

I did my undergraduate in Economics and statistics at the University of Zambia, after graduation, I was offered a position at Barclays Bank Zambia. After which I took up a number of non-financial jobs with different companies and institutions until last year when I was placed as an Economist (Investment Analyst) thanks to my then acquired Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals (CertTF) qualification. As a result I have been driven to study with the ACT to fast track and advance my career.

Why did you take this ACT qualification? What was your main objective?

ACT qualification are a global designation, with its members pushing the development of Capital Markets, and Financial Services. One of my career objectives is to contribute and be part of that development with excellent resources and skills. I believe that the Qualification will assure me of great solid grounding in financial knowledge. The Qualification is the global standard for embodying the integrity, dedication, and advanced skills needed to build a stronger and more accountable financial industry. Having the Qualification is a sign of competence and professionalism in finance and treasury. Thus, the Qualification can earn me instant credibility with peers, employers, and clients who know the hard work needed to earn the Qualification. This will not only help me enhance my skills but also provide me with a platform to contribute to the global ACT qualification community which is a powerful force keeping markets working effectively and helping maintain trust in the profession. 

Which specific areas of your job role will this qualification support?

The Certificate in Treasury (CertT) has enhanced my understanding of a number of my deliverables, that is Capital Market dynamics, the importance of liquidity to an entity (State Owned Enterprises) as well as a sound corporate governance framework. It has also help me understand the material impact that exchange rate movements have on an institutions financial health. I have knowledge on debt management through hedging mechanisms as well as efficient funding methods.

What are the benefits of having professional qualifications to add to your CV/résumé?

Having a professional qualification on your CV is a sign of competence and professionalism as it earns you instant credibility with peers, employers, and clients who know the hard work needed to earn the Certification. Therefore, it gives you the much-needed competitive edge and differentiates you from the crowd in the ever-changing global business landscape as the skills acquired are directly transferrable in the workplace and are a reflection of current and best practice.

What happens next in your career and how has this qualification helped?

My goal is to acquire the FCT, having spent a considerable time with my employer, I feel the qualification has changed the way I look at things (in a good way) and this has helped my employer in a number of ways.


I feel my future and prospects have never been brighter thanks to the ACT.
Sindikani Sovi, Ecnonomist, Ministry of Finance