Kunle's story

Kunle Aladewolu has become a proud ambassador for the ACT ever since progressing through the ACT's qualification pathway. With a distinction in CertICM Mr Aladewolu was invited to speak during the CertICM tuition schools back in 2017.   

What made you decide to take the Certificate in International Cash Management?

I took the Certificate in International Cash Management as part of my track to the AMCT qualification at the time, which is now the Diploma in Treasury Management. With the world shrinking and quickly becoming a global village, this seemed like one of the most valuable courses being offered by the ACT and was an easy choice for me. As a person that learns better practically and with others, the residential tuition school made it even more attractive. I expected that after taking the course, I would be able to help my clients better by understanding how cash – probably the single most important thing to keep a business alive – works around the world. I benefited greatly from the course and was able to perform better in my role as a consultant, helping clients make better cash management decisions and improving their cash management processes.

What does your current role entail, what is the story?

After several years working as a Treasury Consultant at one Deloitte in London where I attained the AMCT, I completed an MBA from INSEAD and decided to start out on my own. I am now an independent consultant currently working for a multinational media client headquartered in London. With operations in more than 70 countries following several acquisitions, my client had a lot of inter-company activity which if not managed properly, would continue to hold up cash in different parts of the group. I was engaged to set up a global process and system to manage all that inter-company activity. I set up a multilateral netting process for the group which meant that Group Treasury had more control over both the cash and FX implications of the group’s inter-company activity. I am now working as a Product Manager responsible for the netting process while managing ancillary projects to enhance the process and system even further.

How did you end up in a career in treasury?

I studied artificial intelligence at university and while I was very excited about technology, I didn’t want to start my career as a software developer. I opted for technology consulting instead and I joined SunGard’s Graduate Program. I was assigned to the professional services team that looked after their enterprise Treasury Management System (TMS). I enjoyed my time there so much that I asked not to be rotated elsewhere. I helped clients set up the TMS to meet their specific needs, but I quickly realized I was more adept on the technology side than the Treasury side of things, and that is when I decided to go for the AMCT. I then joined Deloitte where I learnt more about other areas of Treasury and advised clients on Treasury Strategy, Cash Management, FX and other Treasury operations and processes. Attaining the AMCT further cemented my place in the Treasury world and I am now working as an independent consultant advising clients and helping them build more successful Treasury functions.

Looking back, what happens next in your career and how has this qualification helped?

My most recent success building an inter-company ecosystem has certainly been made possible through the Certificate in International Cash Management which helped me understand exactly how multilateral netting works and the peculiarities of different markets. I intend to continue helping clients build effective Treasury functions and will start to dip into my expertise in Artificial Intelligence to do so. Data is the fuel for AI and with data available now more than ever, I believe Treasury can benefit immensely from AI and other technologies. I am also considering taking my qualification further and studying for the AdipTM (Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management).