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The course returns to the simple business model from 'Introduction to treasury' and shows what life is like as a treasurer, what happens and who they talk to. If you’re new to treasury or seeking a high-level introduction to the subject, this course will help you understand the role of the treasurer within the context of business. Experienced treasurers will recognise some of the strategic issues covered.


Yes if you are:

  • considering a career in treasury or corporate finance
  • in the early stages of your career and seeking information about treasury
  • in a role that works closely with treasury moving to a treasury role


Our Being a Treasurer eLearning course will take approximately 55 minutes and you have 90 days to complete this course from the date of purchase. The online format lets you build your understanding of the treasurer's role in bite-sized courses, providing great flexibility in the way you learn. You do not have to complete the course in one session and can tackle each topic at your own pace. All you’ll need to get going on this course is a laptop, desktop or tablet and a broadband connection.

Being a Treasurer can be taken on its own, as a standalone course if you're looking to quickly get up to speed on how treasury should operate in the context of a business. You can also take this course as part of the full eLearning series.


Topics include:

  • Something is always happening
  • Economic influences
  • Towards a larger treasury
  • Who does a treasurer talk to?
  • How treasury got to where it is now
  • Summary

Learning outcomes:

  • List the people a treasurer talks to on a day to day basis
  • Outline who is most likely to listen to a treasurer and why
  • Describe the external influences that can affect a business
  • Explain how treasuries are organised and run
  • Outline the history and evolution of treasury.



The eLearning course is delivered online through the ACT Learning. You will be able to access the eLearning course 24/7, so you can go through the material when and where you want. You will have access to the online content for 90 days if you are purchasing an individual course or 12 months if you are purchasing the series

Within 5 working days after completing the course, you will receive a digital badge that you can use in your email signature, CV, LinkedIn or any other digital media to demonstrate the skills acquired. A prospective employer, client, or other interested parties can view the metadata linked to the badge’s image, which certifies the authenticity of the badge and which can provide additional details of the skills that the badge represents.


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