In preparation for your exam, it is essential that you make yourself familiar with the online system.

By practicing in the assessment platform, you will know what to expect when exam day arrives. It also means that when you sit your exam, it will feel familiar and you won't waste any precious time on trying to find your way around the system.

Please note, there is no marking service available for practice papers, and answers in Surpass cannot be saved or retrieved. If you’d like to keep a copy of your answers, we suggest copying them into a word document so you can compare them against the mark scheme in the PDF version of the practice papers.

How to navigate your exams:

All assessments are now using the improved HTML exam format.

The new format provides an enhanced experience when using the spreadsheet functionality, as well as how to open and access your formulae sheets and case studies during your exam. It uses the new side-by-side functionality. To use the new side by side functionality, you need to have a screen resolution of 1920x1080 or greater. If your resolution is smaller, when using a laptop for example, the formulae sheets and case studies will open in another smaller window, in front of the question. This window can be minimised, and moved around, to allow you to see more of the question and set the screen up to work best for you.

When you open the PDF Viewer, you have the option of Automatic Zoom or Actual Size. Automatic Zoom will shrink text, if you shrink the window and Actual Size, keeps the text the same and just shrinks the window. This is a matter of preference and please try both methods during the practice test, to find the method of your choice.

It is essential that you use the same computer when taking your practice exams and the live exam, to ensure you get the same experience.

Links to the practice exams:

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