Post Assessment Feedback (PAF) is a bespoke feedback service for candidates who were not successful in their assessment and received a fail grade. Students will be eligible to apply for a PAF within twelve working days of receiving their exam results. Candidates will only receive feedback on those questions where they scored less than 50% of the marks available.

The PAF service is not a remarking service, it is purely a feedback tool to be used to aid candidates' understanding of the unit and help them achieve the pass standard. This service is only available for the Certificate in Treasury, Certificate in International Cash Management, the Diploma in Treasury Management and the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management. It is not available for the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals or the Award in International Cash Management.

You will have twelve working days from release of results to apply for a PAF relating to an assessment sat that session. Any applications received after this date will not be accepted.

We advise all candidates wanting to apply for PAF to review their result notification and consult the published past paper with answers (for Diploma and Advanced Diploma only), before completing an application.

Post assessment feedback service GBP  180

Fees are subject to local rate of VAT where applicable.


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This service can take up to 21 working days from the time you submit the booking form.

As this service is a feedback tool and not a remarking service, you are advised to re-enter the exam as normal before the closing date.