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The Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management (FCT) will give you the skills to become a forward thinker. You will be a respected senior finance professional with significant influence who shapes business strategy to deliver success.


Perfect for you if you:

  • are looking to move up the career ladder to CFO or Group Treasurer level
  • are a corporate treasurer working at a strategic level
  • are an accountant who would benefit from a broader skills base
  • are a banker or relationship manager who needs to better understand the requirements of corporate clients
  • are a financial analyst who wants to develop your career in corporate finance, risk management and specialist treasury activities
  • have completed the Diploma in Treasury Management (AMCT)

The qualification builds on the knowledge gained in the Diploma in Treasury Management and the syllabus covers the commercial and financial challenges facing a business at a strategic level. The extensive programme provides a practical understanding of the tools, techniques and financial products used by treasurers and, most importantly, how to apply these to real-life, contemporary issues.


On successful completion of the qualification, we’ll issue and send you a link to your digital credentials: a badge and/or an eCertificate. Digital credentials are a great way to showcase your achievement, and can be easily and safely displayed on your CV or website or shared online via LinkedIn, email signatures, social media, blogs and ePortfolios.




Two online units

Three masterclasses

Two-day residential school

Revision webinars

Dedicated dissertation supervisor

12-15 months study time 

(650 study hours)


One online exam for units 1 and 2


Presentation of dissertation

4 hour exam


You are either a Student member or an Associate member of the ACT while you study and once qualified, you are eligible to become a Fellow.


The Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management is made up of two units, a compulsory 2-day residential school, masterclasses, one exam, a dissertation and a presentation of the dissertation. For full ACT accreditation you will need to complete all of them.


The Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management will equip you with a holistic view of the commercial and financial challenges facing a business at a strategic level. 

This part-time, senior-level qualification will develop your critical analysis and evaluation of complex situations involving strategic, financial and risk management decisions.

The Advanced Diploma:

  • develops your advanced practical understanding of the tools, techniques and best practice used in treasury management that support strategic thinking and robust decision-making within new, complex, ambiguous and unpredictable situations within changing environments

  • equips you for senior strategic roles in the organisation, within treasury and/or board level

  • provides opportunities to research, analyse and evaluate a range of issues which impact on treasury management strategy and decisions and ultimately on the performance of the whole organisation

  • facilitates your application of recognised academic and theoretical tools in solving treasury management issues

  • develops your understanding of the inter-relationships between treasury and risk management, strategic and operational decision-making in different organisational, economic, legal and regulatory contexts, including implications for national, international and global businesses

  • develops a high level of knowledge and understanding of ethical behaviour and practice in a treasury management context, while encouraging reflection on this and the potential implications for individuals and organisations where acceptable standards are not met

  • enables you to identify and critically analyse strategies, plans and actions in other organisations and sectors and evaluate their likely impact on, and potential applicability to, your organisation and impacts on treasury management

  • develops your critical skills in information gathering, analysis and evaluation, to support self-directed study and learning as part of your professional development.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes are divided into three key areas: knowledge, skills and behaviours/values


On completion of the Advanced Diploma you will be able to:

  1. demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of core areas relevant to treasury management, related concepts and theories, and the relevance of these in a modern-day context
  2. demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of current academic and practitioner debate on issues relating to, and the impact on, treasury management practice 
  3. demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the various inter-relationships between organisations, their stakeholders, the business, the current economic and regulatory environment, and the implications for risk management in treasury
  4. demonstrate critical understanding of the significance and potential impact of the wider socio-economic environment on organisations and ultimately on treasury strategy and its actions
  5. critically analyse, evaluate and reflect on ethical and governance issues in treasury management, and recommend approaches to respond appropriately in different organisational contexts and geographical locations
  6. critically analyse and evaluate treasury management strategies and plans in a global context, contrasting these against other organisations, and across sectors
  7. apply subject-specific theories, models, tools, empirical evidence and concepts relating to treasury management, and reflect on how these can pertain to the practical work environment
  8. identify, source, analyse and critically interpret industry data, academic articles and financial information, and reflect on how these can apply in the work environment 
  9. identify a research problem, develop a project plan, undertake detailed research, and report on the findings of that research, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of research planning, data gathering techniques and the interpretation and presentation of such data


On completion of the Advanced Diploma you will be able to:

  1. identify, gather, record, interpret and analyse data from an extensive range of sources, including the application of a specified referencing methodology
  2. develop a desire for intellectual curiosity and apply higher-level cognitive skills of reflective practice, including critical analysis, evaluation of arguments and evidence using specific treasury management tools, and synthesising these to draw fully supported conclusions
  3. present qualitative and quantitative information together with analysis, evidence-based arguments, and commentary, both orally and written using communication techniques that are entirely appropriate to the intended audience
  4. develop strong numerical, and statistical skills, and have a deep knowledge of financial databases and modelling techniques applicable to treasury management and wider business needs
  5. make supported decisions, based on evidence, in often highly complex and unpredictable situations and environments
  6. conduct independent self-managed learning and work effectively and efficiently with others 

Behaviours / Values

On completion of the Advanced Diploma you will be able to:

  1. demonstrate the ability to plan, organise, and prioritise in a structured way 
  2. demonstrate the ability to lead and inspire a treasury team
  3. possess the ability to influence and engage with a range of stakeholders (internal and external) and to build and maintain effective personal networks
  4. be an ethical and responsible treasury professional 

Unit 1: Treasury Management Concepts

Unit 1 focuses on organisational strategy, the external environment, managing risks and managing investors.

This unit will focus on evaluating the external environment in which organisations operate and how it shapes and impacts the achievement of strategic aims. This unit will also address the importance of managing investors (including valuation), establishing their required returns and project appraisal. The unit will then explore the need to put in place a robust risk management framework and the importance of applying an enterprise-wide risk management approach, which includes setting and adhering to risk appetite/policy. This will be followed by a detailed evaluation of risk identification, assessment, evaluation, management, and reporting of a wide range of treasury risks.

Indicative Content

  • Organisational strategy and treasury
  • Evaluating the competitive and external environment
  • Establishing required returns and betas
  • Project appraisal
  • Advanced risk management
  • Valuation

On completing unit one you will be able to:

1. Critically evaluate a range of strategic options for the modern-day treasury function.

  • Critically analyse the meaning of organisational strategy and its relevance in treasury
  • Understand the impact of the organisations culture on its philosophies, policies and strategy
  • Develop and apply a range of strategic options for the treasury function

2. Compare, contrast, select and apply a range of financial analysis tools.

  • Apply ratio analysis and make supported conclusions
  • Apply tools and techniques to ascertain and monitor investor expectations
  • Understand, evaluate and apply investment appraisal techniques

3. Critically analyse potential risks and develop appropriate responses in different contexts.

  • Understand and apply the theory and principles of risk management
  • Utilise and evaluate different methods of identifying and assessing treasury risks
  • Evaluate and select a variety of risk management methodologies, and their application in formulating strategy

4. Critically evaluate and utilise a range of valuation techniques for an organisation, as well as assess strategic and operational considerations for mergers, acquisitions and disposals.

  • Evaluate and apply a range of appropriate valuation techniques in an organisation
  • Critically examine a range of financial and strategic arguments for undertaking mergers and acquisitions
  • Evaluate the practical issues for treasury when undertaking acquisitions and disposals

Unit 2: Leading the Treasury Function

Unit 2 builds on Unit 1 to consider how treasury can secure appropriate funding to meet the strategic aims of the business and to put in place adequate structures to support treasury needs, which includes IT and governance/ethical frameworks. Unit 2 also investigates the behavioural and board level skills treasurers need to succeed.

This unit will focus on evaluating the different approaches to optimising the capital structure and liquidity position of a business and scrutinising the wide range of funding sources that treasury can utilise. This includes established funding sources and developing markets such as green bonds and P2P.

This unit will then explore the importance of managing a wide range of stakeholders and the need for treasury to develop and utilise negotiation skills in a variety of circumstances. You will also explore the key principles and tools

of change management, learning how to apply them in the real world, so that you and your organisation grasp opportunities and are not left behind.

Unit 2 also investigates the different approaches treasury can take when putting in place efficient treasury structures/policy, and the growing importance of technology.

Finally, you will explore the importance of treasury governance, ethics and key emerging challenges that treasury practitioners will have to manage in the years ahead.

Indicative Content

  • Optimising the capital structure: a review of theory and practice
  • Sources of funding and liquidity
  • Emerging issues/challenges (the modern lens)
  • Treasury design/structure
  • Treasury policy
  • Treasury governance and ethics
  • Treasury leadership and change management
  • Treasury technology and FinTechs

On completing unit two you will be able to:

1. Critically examine tools, models and concepts relating to raising finance for a range of purposes and in different contexts.  
  • Critically analyse key influences on funding decisions
  • Critically compare and contrast different sources of finance and recommend appropriate structures based on different needs and contexts
  • Critically discuss different theories relating to financing and capital structures
  • Critically analyse cash and liquidity management techniques
2. Apply tools and techniques for managing and engaging with stakeholders. 
  • Identify, critically assess and prioritise a range of different stakeholders, based on their needs and influences, and to devise appropriate strategies for building strong stakeholder relationships
  • Critically evaluate negotiation and influencing techniques for application with both internal and external stakeholders
3. Critically evaluate the impact of emerging issues and technologies on the treasury function. 
  • Critically analyse emerging technological trends and developments in treasury and discuss the implementation considerations, challenges and benefits of technology driven treasury solutions
  • Critically evaluate other emerging trends and developments and their impact on treasury
4. Having developed an understanding of the internal and external drivers impacting treasury, you will be able to critically examine a range of appropriate responses by the strategic treasury leader. 
  • Critically evaluate options for treasury design, structure and resourcing
  • Critically discuss the importance of governance and ethics in a treasury context develop and implement effective treasury related policies critically analyse change management and its application in a treasury context


The progressive learning structure of ACT qualifications means entry requirements apply. 

Our qualifications pathway is designed to support you at every level of your career. There are however a number of ways for you to get recognition for what you have already learnt and achieved through your academic studies, professional qualifications, or experience.

I have completed the Diploma in Treasury Management

You are eligible to book onto the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management if you have successfully completed the Diploma in Treasury Management

You don’t have to provide evidence of any qualifying experience, because we will have a copy of your results already.


I have completed the Certificate in International Treasury Management with distinction AND I am a qualified accountant with an IFAC body

You are eligible to book onto the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management if you have successfully completed the Certificate in International Treasury Management with distinction and are a qualified accountant with an IFAC body.

You will need to provide a copy of your accounting qualification certificate when booking.


I have completed the AMCT Diploma before 2016

You are eligible to book onto the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management if you have successfully completed the AMCT Diploma.

You don’t have to provide evidence of any qualifying experience, because we will have a copy of your results already.


I have completed the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers (IACT) Graduate Certificate in Corporate Treasury

You get automatic entry to the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management if you have successfully completed the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers Graduate Certificate in Corporate Treasury.

You will need to provide a copy of your qualification certificate when booking.


I have completed the Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) MSc in Banking and Finance

You may be eligible for direct entry.

For more information, please refer to the ‘Prior work experience via direct entry route’ section below.

Prior work experience via direct entry route

As the Advanced Diploma has been paused, we are not accepting direct entry applications for this qualification. If you are interested in applying for direct entry to the Diploma in Treasury Management, find out more here.


None of the above applies to me

You will first need to successfully complete the Diploma in Treasury Management in order to become eligible to move onto the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management.



Both units 1 and 2 are studied online with tutor support via the discussion forum as well as progress tests and forum activities to keep your learning on  track. You will also attend masterclasses and a compulsory 2-day residential school.


Both units of the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management are delivered online through the ACT Learning study site. 

Each unit will take you approximately 325 hours of study time to complete, with 650 hours study required in total. We estimate you should be able to complete the course in fifteen months alongside your full-time work.

Learning licence

When you buy your learning materials you will have access to them for 24 months upon booking.

You can complete the learning for all the units in 15 months (650 study hours in total), so the 24-month learning licence gives you plenty of time to complete the programme if you should fall behind or need to re-sit an assessment.

Learning materials

Online learning materials include:

  • Core readings to take you through the learning step-by-step
  • A variety of download formats
  • Suggested further readings to guide your independent study

Learning support

At the centre of your learning experience is the dynamic online discussion forum which ensures you feel fully connected while studying. Having online access to your tutors, peers and programme team means you’re never alone.

Online learning support includes:

  • Student discussion forum
  • Online tutor support forum


The Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management is assessed by one exam, one dissertation and a presentation to a panel on your dissertation.

3.1 EXAM

You can take your assessments from anywhere in the world, wherever you have a reliable internet connection.

Units 1 and 2 240-minute exam  1 pre-seen case study-based question and 4 scenario-based questions 50%

The dissertation is chosen by you and provides an opportunity to explore a topic area that is important and/or interesting to you, and to your organisation – but it must be in the field of treasury, risk, corporate finance and/or funding and relate to the content of the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management. 


Once you have passed your dissertation, you will be invited to present to a panel and specified date and time. The dissertation will be presented to a panel made up of 1-2 practicing treasurers, the ACT Chief Executive and Director of Awarding Body, and the ACT Chief Assessor. The presentation will utilise key skills you will have learnt during the course and will prepare you for presenting to a board in the real world.


You can view all the dates and detailed assessment information here:

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When booking onto the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management  you will either already be an associate member (AMCT) or will become a student member of the ACT for up to 24 months.

ACT membership gives you access to lots of great things: 

•    subscription to The Treasurer magazine

•    careers resources

•    events, regional groups and webinars

•    policy and technical updates

•    mentoring service 

You must keep your ACT membership active for the duration of your studies. If you are not eligible for associate membership, a student membership fee is payable on booking. Your student membership is valid for the duration of your 24-month learning licence, or until you pass your full qualification, whichever is soonest.

Remember to take advantage of these benefits - they are designed to help make you a well-rounded finance professional. When you have successfully completed the Advanced Diploma, you will be eligible to become a Fellow and use the designatory letters FCT. These are the internationally recognised letters that go after your name that recruiters and employers look out for, as they show you are a very credible candidate. You can find out more about ACT membership here.


Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management learning materials, membership and assessment fees:

When you start studying, you buy your online learning materials and student membership at the same time. Your assessments can be booked at a later date.

Assessment - online exam

GBP 600

Assessment - dissertation

GBP 600

Dissertation presentation fee

GBP 250

Fees are subject to local rate of VAT where applicable.



The key benefit of doing an advanced treasury qualification is that it enabled me to develop a holistic view of the business and how treasury can play a strategic role within the organisation. It also helps staying current in a constantly changing economic environment as you must be on top of the key trends, whether they are regulatory, best-practice in finance or risk management, new treasury solutions or emerging alternative markets. As the role of the treasurer is changing from a technical expert to a strategic partner, the senior qualification is an invaluable tool in enabling this transition for a treasury professional interested in bringing his or her career to the next level.
Vassilina Lapteva Walford, Treasury and Risk Director, Richemont

We can also deliver advanced treasury learning to companies with teams that are interested in taking either the full qualification or selected units, and tailor it to your business needs. Find out more about in-company solutions here